Growing Tomatoes

Planting tomato seeds is one of the most exciting seeds to plant. Its one of the first seeds of the year and one of the longest to grow. Usually tomato plants are started indoors.

After ordering a ton of varieties of seeds, and after the long winter you can't wait to get your hands into some dirt.

Eight to ten weeks before the last frost date for your area its time to begin your germination process.
 At this point begin starting tomato seeds indoors. We start by putting tomato seeds on a wet (not dripping) paper towel and fold put in zip lock bag with air inside. Keep in a warm place above 80 degrees and you'll being to see sprouts let them go a bit longer an

d they'll start to turn green at the ends.

In small containers,  Sow tomato seeds about 1/8" inch deep, using seed starting mix.
As soon as the seedlings emerge, they need full sunlight to grow sturdy. Lack of
sunlight causes the plants to grow "leggy". Use grow lights to supplement the amount of available sun. The cheapest way is shop lights with at least 3000 lumins. Put the lights just above the plants.

Planting day

On planting day, dig a hole, pour fertilizer, high in nitrogen (that's the first number) crushed egg shells, tablespoon of epsom salt. and plant the tomatoes covering all the way up to the top of the first leaf. Tomatoes like to be planted deep.


Keep your tomato

plants well watered. Deep watering is preferable, over more frequent, light watering. You want moisture to go deep to all the roots of the plant.
Water directly to the roots. Keep water off the leaves if at all possible. Tomatoes are susceptible to plant disease that grows in wet, humid conditions.

Normal spacing is 24 " apart, in rows 30" to 36" apart. If your using raised beds or square foot gardening it can be a bit closer. Usually 18 inches all the way around.

Fertilize on a regular basis. Early applications should be
high in nitrogen. When blossoming occurs, switch to fertilizers
which are higher in Phosphorus and Potassium Such as bone meal. Too much
Nitrogen fertilizer results in lots of lush green leaves, and
little fruit. A fertilizer specifically formulated for tomatoes, will
help to maximize your crop.

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Happy Planting

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