Growing Iceplants

Ice plants are both colorful and very prolific. This variety is easy to care for love sun and well draining soil.


Preparing the Soil

Fill small plastic pots or a seed-starting tray with seed starting mix.  Water your soil well. At the top rake up the soil to make it loose and airy.

Sowing the Seeds

The seeds are tiny. We have learned a trick to help minimize the waste with these tiny seeds. Simply put your forefinger into the baggie press down and turn your finger up toward you. Pull your finger out of the baggie and you'll see you have many tiny seeds stuck to your finger. Sprinkle the ice plant seeds evenly around your seed tray or seed pot. Because ice plant needs light to germinate we do not cover with soil. Light must reach the seeds or they will not germinate.


Water your newly planted seeds by gently misting them with a spray bottle filled with water. Continue watering the seeds as needed until they germinate, providing only enough water to keep the seeds moist but never wet or soggy.

Placement of Planted Seeds

Seed trays or pot should be placed indoors in a sunny spot or under grow lights where they have plenty of light and where they are above 60 degrees. Otherwise you can wait until spring and leave the tray or pot outdoors as long as the degrees stays above 60 degrees.  Germination takes anywhere from 10-14 Days.

Hardening Off Your Plants

Hardening off simply means to acclimate your plants to the outside. Place your new seedlings in the garden after they have become a nice young plant by placing them outside for several hours a day for a week or so increasing each day.  Gradually increase the number of hours each day for about 10 - 14 days. 

Transplanting your Iceplant Seedlings

Transplant your ice plant seedlings into your garden area after hardened off and all danger of frost is gone. Plant in full sun, spacing 12-18 inches apart.

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We hope you enjoy the amazing colorful beauty that we have been blessed with on this earth.



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