Growing Candytuft Flowers

Candytuft flowering plant is a gorgeous European native that grows in most of the United States. It grows in most of our planting zones. These plants grow 12-18 inches high and are completely covered with flowers. They come in all white or a colorful mix and shades of pinks, lilac, and whites.

Candytuft, (iberis semperiverns), has masses of flowers that cover the entire plant. These striking flowers are a perfect height for the ground cover below cosmos, zinnias, larkspur, and delphiniums. They work well for ground cover, borders, and walkways. Draping over a hanging basket or hanging down a rock wall is a beauty well worth the time.

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Growing Candy Tuft Flower Plants From Seed.

If your wanting a head start on your Candytuft flower season , sow seeds around six weeks before the estimated last frost date in your area. Fill plant starter mix or potting soil into each pot cell filling 3/4 inch high from the top. Water well.  Plant 2 seeds in each pot cell gently pressing in soil and barely cover with the soil. Seeds need light to germinate so this part is important.

Place your pots in a warm area 65-70 degrees and where they will get plenty of light.  Check each day for moisture. If soil begins to dry out spritz with water but try not to over water and create soggy soil . You don't want the seeds to rot. Germination is 2-4 weeks.

After plants emerge and is 3 inches tall, carefully transplant plants outdoors 6 inches apart in a sunny location. Candytuft likes fairly dry soil, so don't over water and let dry out between waterings. Candytuft flowers arrive late spring and last until late summer. In the late fall cut plants back to the ground to over winter and not get woody. They will come back in its beauty again next year.

Growing Candytuft directly outdoors.

To plant directly in your garden choose a variety of seeds from Seeds to Cherish and a nice sunny spot that gets sun most of the day. stir up soil mixing with garden soil to prepare your seeds for success. After last frost plant seeds sparingly, (we stick our finger into the bag press then turn our finger upward and pull it out) and plant a few seeds 5 -6 inches apart. Press with fingers gently into the soil and barely cover as light is necessary for germination. With a garden mister or water bottle sprayer, mist with water  just until moistened. Do not over water. At least once a day water making the soil moist but not soaked. Water when top soil appears dry. 

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