Germinating Seeds

Many people have many different ways to grow seeds. Its an art, there's no right or wrong way as long as the seeds germinate grow and provide a harvest.
Here are some of our methods for growing seeds: 
There are some exclusion such as those that need special attention
Stratification:  Certain amount of heat or chill hours which can be manipulated in the refrigerator.  Or layers taken off. Its so easy to look up your specific seed on the internet if your unsure. 
There are some seeds that don't transplant well and are usually directly seeded in the ground or container. Some varieties included are peas, beans, and carrots etc. Although not impossible, they usually grow best directly sown.
The Paper Towel Method of Germinating
Place some seeds on 1/2 of a paper towel, fold over seeds, wet paper towel (not dripping wet) place in zip lock bag. Leave some air in the bag for oxygen needed from germination. Its not necessary to use all your seeds but only the amount you will be growing.  Do not air seal bag shut as you need some air for healthy germination. Place in warm spot.

Look each day to see if towel is still wet. Water a bit more with spray bottle if needed.  Wait for tap roots then use toothpick,  tweezers or very carefully with fingers and place in a starter pot with seed starter soil 3/4 " from top. Cover ( if you don't have a cover you can use a plastic wrap, clear glass/plastic cup, or bowl. Remember these are your babies so check on them each day.  They need warmth especially peppers. (peppers 80 degrees +)
For tiny seeds fill a cup 3/4 full with soil.  Press into seed bag with finger, turn finger and pull out, sprinkle on the soil.  Spray with water and cover with suran wrap till sprouted. don't let dry out. Check on these babies each day, most of tiny flower seeds need light to germinate so putting in a sunny window or under grow lights is best.
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Happy Planting!

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