About Us

My passion has always been gardening. I simply love to dig in the dirt and see what arises from it. My goal is to help others have the joy of gardening, have amazing harvests and learn to be self-sustaining.

 I was prompted to share my knowledge and seeds in a bigger capacity of gardening and preserving with others and to my joy Seeds to Cherish was born.

Since then, my family has joined our team and seek to provide some of the best varieties of non-gmo seeds. I also love rare and unusual plants, flowers, and trees and will continually search them out for everyone to enjoy.  

Seeds to Cherish can be found on Instagram, Facebook, Etsy and our Website. We
are continually growing and continue to research and write the best ways to
garden in hopes to encourage and teach others the old and new ways of self-sustaining ourselves with an organic approach.