Zinnia Growing Guide


Zinnias- Planting Guide

Things You'll Need
• Zinnia seeds
• Seed-starting mix
• Peat pots

Start zinnias before frost indoors or direct sow after frost in a prepared soil or container. Outside planting you can , choose a sunny location. Seeds spacing is 1 to 2 inches apart and cover with 1/2 inch of soil. Water well.

Indoors, plant one seed in each pot with seed starting mix. Place under grow lights or on a sunny window where they will get 6 hours of sunlight.   To help with germination you can put some clear wrap or clear plastic cup around the top of the pot to create a greenhouse effect.  Open and check daily for moisture and sprouts. Once zinnias have sprouted take off cover.  When zinnia’s are 2-3” high and all danger of frost has passed transplant zinnia’s to a sunny location.  Water plants as necessary to keep moist but not drenched.  Pinch back plants when they are 18 inches tall to encourage more branching.Keep the soil evenly moist during germination.

Outdoors  gently water the seeds without disrupting the germination process. If started indoors, transplant zinnias to a sunny location when they are approximately
3 inches high. Wait until all danger of frost has passed.
Water plants as necessary to keep soil moist, but not wet.

For Large single blooms leave as is. But if our wanting more bushy plants and more flowers pinch back at 18 inches.   
Enjoy fabulous giant blooms all summer long. These make beautiful fresh cut flower arrangements. Deadhead the plants as the blooms fade to extend the
bloom period.

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